Sex holds relationships together, it turns us on, it embarrasses us, and it makes the world go round.

When we are evolving sexually, having more fun, experiencing deeper intimacy, and having oodles of physical pleasure we feel lighter, laugh more often, and enjoy the moment.

For you to evolve sexually you need to be learning about sex, firing up your sexual energy, and meeting new and different aspects of your passions and desires.

To learn a whole lot more about sex I invite you to read my new book. In it you will find lots of tips and techniques along with new ways to view sex, and shortcuts to ecstasy.

The book is composed of a series of chapters that were once blogs. Millions of people have read these blogs and found dynamic increases in they sexual pleasure. You will too.

And as your pleasure increases your relationships will sweeten and your entire outlook to live will lighten up. You will let go of sexual baggage and get on with having much better sex. 

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