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You don't have to run to have runner's high. You can wake up in the morning, sidestep your morning coffee and get totally high and happy without breaking the bank or harming your health. Try this amino acid. You will be glad you did.

Get Legally High, Try it, You Will Like It

It used to be that you had to visit the shady side of town to find a drug dealer, risking life and limb and always unsure of the quality of the product.

Now you can find a beautiful substance on Amazon with 99.9% purity and it is dirt cheap. 

I’m thinking that the world would be a better place if people were gentler, melted into their sensations, loved each other more, and softened their laser focus of attention replacing it with a soft, open welcoming acceptance.

Ingest some of this amino acid and you are likely to experience just that.

Yesterday morning, on empty stomachs we ingested a tiny amount of an MAO inhibitor. This is taken a half an hour before taking the amino acid, and it provides welcome conditions for the party to arrive.

One half hour later we took two pills of clear crystals. We still hadn’t eaten anything, and that is important. Again, the conditions, or as I will call it context, are vital to maximizing any experience.

Thirty minutes later we began to feel an elation rising within us which increased, opening us gently to a larger, softer view full of sensations. Though the sensations aren’t specifically sexual they are totally sensual, as thoughts quiet and the delight taking place in our bodies filled our attention.

Hours later, after lots of giggling, joy, and pleasure we looked at each other with huge smiles realizing that we had found a totally legal substance without the serotonin dip of Molly. In fact we couldn’t find a downside.

Making the most of this experience and life too

Context is vital to being high on love, life, and amino acids. Picking the right place, the right time, and the right people is key.

I’m in Panama now, a country synonymous with being high. The clouds are gliding gracefully across the mountains and the bold flowers stand out against the intense green. “Hola” I said to a Panamanian man walking down the road this morning with a shovel on one shoulder and a bright red guitar under his other arm.

“Buenos Dias.” He replied, in a light and lively tone of voice and a song in his heart.

Take the amino acid in a natural setting if you can, when you aren’t pressured by time but able to let it just melt away. Make sure that if you have company it is someone you love and who loves you back. No pressures, no worries, nothing to do and nowhere to go makes all the difference. It makes what might seem like a little trip into a life transforming experience.

The amino acid will make the day brighter, or maybe you could simply benefit from the feeling of runners high to start your day or before you go on a date or hit the gym".

Also, on any trip remember that we are basically spiritual beings and what we have ingested is an invitation to let that holy part of us shine. The point isn’t to get high, to escape worldly concerns, but to invite out sweet, gentle aspects of ourselves. To appeal to our infinite spirit and receive it’s gifts with our mundane, hard working aspects of ourselves.

Keep reading to discover how to order your "runner's high" amino acid now. 

Order Your Special Treats

You can order all three ingredients from Amazon. Just click on the links below to do so. Your order is enough for hundreds or highs. Enjoy!

Easy as 1,2,3


Order the ingredients. When they arrive put one small scoop of Hordeninne HCL into a gel cap. Fill two gel caps with PEA.


Take the Hordenine HCL gel cap on an empty stomach.   Wait one half an hour and then take the two amino acid PEA pills.


Relax, within a half an hour you will likely be high, happy, and certain this is a wonderful planet designed just for you.