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Our courses offer deep, insightful personal experiences that turbo charge your love and growth.

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Our Mission

We believe in searching for a better way. A better way to relate with people, to lead with integrity, and to love more fiercely.

We begin with knowing ourselves more intimately. Connecting deeply with others. Facing our most difficult fears with love, care, and compassion. Trusting more deeply, loving passionately, and meeting parts of ourselves that would otherwise remain hidden.

My name is Jerry Stocking and I curate a learning community of professionals, business owners, leaders, and—most importantly—everyday folks like you and me. Together, we discover possibilities that move, touch, and inspire! We help create a world we want to live in.

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Millions of people read my blog at Elephant Journal. They find it fun, funny and sometimes even sexy. Click below to read my most recent blog about cuddling, and another one about satisfying sex.


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