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“I have your books in my briefcase on this 24-city tour I anticipate being the beneficiary of your insights and experience. What a bold leap you have taken, one I much admire as a great example of “following your bliss”.”
Bill Moyers
Former White House Press Secretary

My name is on the Rolodex of some of the highest paid businessmen in the world.  My phone number is programmed into speed dial of the world’s top salespeople.  Physicians, therapists, models, and lawyers vie for my time…because they respect my ability to produce rapid change.

Even though I’m a highly published author, my name remains an insider’s secret largely because most people can’t afford my private coaching fees.  For 28 years, I’ve been at the forefront of turning even the most difficult clients into peak performers.

“If you haven’t encountered Jerry Stocking and his revolutionary insights and teaching methods before, you’re in for a fantastic ride…” 
Vic Conant
President, Nightingale-Conant

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If you stuck a pin in my client list, chances are it would pass through the names of people who struggled for success in the past.  Their lives were only a glimmer of their fullest potential.  From people unable to hold a job to leaders unable to inspire, I’ve developed the reputation of changing people when all else fails. 

Now, for the first time ever, I’m going to offer you your ticket to the inner circle.

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  4. BulletHow an ordinary book can transform your life. (You won’t have to read a single word!)

  5. BulletA stunning secret that changed the life of a financial advisor that tripled his income.

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  7. BulletHow a super model bounced back from surviving a Tsunami to dominate her profession.

  8. BulletHow you can achieve your highest success – as you want it to be – and not have life rule over you.

“Jerry’s work showed me how to bring more of who I am to my patients and find more of who they are in front of me; a consistent benefit to us both.”
John Farrin
M.D. Emergency Physician

Isn’t it frustrating? You have dreams and visions of what you want to achieve in your life and yet, your ultimate success eludes you.  Even worse, people think you can’t possibly achieve more. (Perhaps even your own family).  

People spend thousands on cosmetic surgery.  Tens of thousands on self help programs, trainings and seminars, and yet are leading shadow lives.  But now for the first time ever…

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Right now, and for a limited time only, I’m prepared to share all of my wizardry and magic and spill the beans on the insider secrets I’ve shared with my elite coaching clients… and you’ll begin to experience what it’s like to live life at the top of your game.

But it's not magic at all! You see, what you’ll discover in my new book “Mind Relief Manuscript” will transform your life forever.  It’s about the amazing techniques I have developed over the years of working with thousands of people. I’ve used these same techniques to provide an instant boost to the careers of some of the world’s most successful and now, I’m doing it for you!

Conquer Communications Challenges

Look, would famous musicians work with anyone but the best?  Would leading professors work with me if not for the proven track record I’ve developed over the years? Would corporate giants like Johnson Controls or Kaiser Permanante let their executives work with the second best?  No way.

You will master the insider techniques to eliminate common problems including: fears and anxieties, stress and tension, built up anger, and inability to be perceived as a leader.

Never Settle For Second Best Again!

A number of years ago, an ER Physician who stared trauma in the face 24 hours a day found himself virtually paralyzed…after a few coaching sessions again, he rediscovered his ability to lead once again.

It’s stories like this that lead many people to consider me…

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Quite frankly, I could go on working only with the elite in my one on one coaching group.  The corporate world would love to buy all of my time to work with their CEO’s and hot shot executives, but I believe everyone should have an equal chance to forever change their lives.  And best of all, you can experience for free the dynamic changes my coaching clients line up for…

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In fact, during a coaching session with a top Internet Guru and self made millionaire that the idea arose.  I should share my teachings with a much larger group rather than those who could afford my high priced coaching fees.

Here's what this is all about: I’m going to let you unleash power, and boost your self esteem as your life transforms in just minutes a day by using my Mind Relief techniques.

"Jerry Stocking is a mind magician. He reached into my soul and pulled out a mirror and showed me myself."
John Morgan
Clinical Hypnotist

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All in all, what I’m giving you today is worth thousands of dollars but it may be worth much more when uncovers and transforms what’s been holding you back in your life.

“I feel like one of the catatonic institutional patients in Awakenings who has been given a way to wake up to vibrantly live and communicate fully for the first time. Even as I wax and wane in my personal growth, I am fully aware that playing with Jerry will soon awaken the whole world.”
Jim Johnson Ph. D.
Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist

And if you’re expecting me to ask you for your credit card number, forget it.  This is my investment in your future success.

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Jerry Stocking

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